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[MV009] Madame + Alkhimia – Hidden village wishes

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“When things are overwhelming and bow, words are confused and mixed with air. The gray and fanatical desire, fantasy and utopian, generate confusion and panic, fear and anxiety, power and weakness. The wishes rough but tender, and not magnanimous and beautiful streets of a village hidden and dreamy, abstract but real, fascinating and magical.“

This new EP, a mixture of Madame (Pol Duñó Ruhí) and his parallel project, Alkhimia, along with Jordi Masjuan Galbany, the project is based on the intention to use a majority of samples of own manufacture. Autocton sounds and recorded from the perspective of experimentation and curiosity.

download release (4 tracks, 2 covers and 1 attachment. 44.63 MB aprox.)