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[MV&AP001] Hybrid Disorder

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”There are moments that break if they don’t break us. There is no harm if the weight of tears are not devastating. Little things become and interact, interrelate, and generate panic. Panic that is false and is constantly expanding, a disorder that becomes cumulative side collision, which might not perceive the pleasure or the joy, that thinks, if it thinks, in all that it worries and wear. The fear and unpleasure in his Hybrid disorder. But we thoroughly disorganize, and we decided to order the disorder for destroying structures, to not believe in anything that is not utopian, and freeze the tender moments. More magical. Hybridization of unpleasure and fear, now, sharing time with glory, emotion and dream, in its purest and logical disorder. In his hybrid disorder. “

This new release in EP format from various artists, represents the conceptualization of the collaboration between Música Vermella i Apogsasis (Polish netlabel); our hybridation. The compilation has 5 songs, mixing diferent Breakcore stiles and a link with Dubstep.

download release (6 tracks, 1 cover and 1 attachment. 29.26 MB aprox.)