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If you wanna get access to our last releases and news in a faster and easier way, and from everywhere, subscribe to our RSS!

Moreover, unlike many RSS feeds, the Música Vermella's feeds are fulfilled, ie, not try to summarize the text and attach all possible information (zips, mp3 and others).

What is RSS?

RSS is the abbreviation of Really Simple Sindication. RSS is a way to distribute contents that identifies the most imortant part of the news (like the title, a summary and / or some images).

What is Podcast?

Podcast comes from Play-On-Demand (POD) and broadcasting.

A Podcast is a series of digital media files (like Música Vermella's publications) that are released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication.

Some of most known podcasting apps (or podcatchers) are: iTunes, gPodder, Miro, Doppler, Amarok, Winamp...

How to subscribe

To subscribe to any RSS you'll need an RSS reader. These could be websites, applications, browsers, mobile apps...

Websites. Google Reader, MyYahoo, NetVibes o Bloglines.
You only need to register in any of these pages and add subscriptions you want. Thanks to work from a website you can access your subscriptions from all over the world, including mobile devices. Undoubtedly this is the best option.
Browsers. Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.
Safari and Firefox browsers have RSS readers by default that allow you to add feeds as bookmarks. However, Google Chrome has not default RSS readers but its developers have created an extension.
Applications. RSSOwl, Great News...
There are many RSS readers as computer apps. In the title we've mentioned a couple but if you search on google quickly find many more.

But, how can I do it?

Click the RSS link you like and copy the address of the browser or simply right click on the link and then on "Copy link location".

Subscribe to the RSS you like most or all!